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al♠ly (noun) ~ one who is associated to another as a helper

Whether you’re a busy professional or overscheduled family, say goodbye to endless to-do lists and hello to a wide open calendar. Discover how a lifestyle concierge can revolutionize your personal errand and task management, making overwhelm a thing of the past. We can improve your mental bandwidth at any stage of life.

Reclaim your time, energy, and sanity by putting one of our ‘ACE’s (Ally Concierge Expert) in your pocket!

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Whether you’re away from home, or simply just need assistance, below is a general scope of how Ally can assist this area, but not limited to:

  • Freelance House Manager
  • Closet organization, reset, and shopping
  • Assistance with packing, unpacking, purging
  • Furniture assembly, rearrangement, shopping
  • Garden watering and flower pot arrangements
  • Research or referrals for schooling and childcare
  • Liaison between various types of package deliveries or returns
  • Liaison for general contractors, home improvement, etc
  • Interior needs like laundry, linens, folding and organizing
  • Home or Rentals such as AirBnB & Vacation homes
  • Any other similar tasks you might need
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We understand grocery shopping and cooking can be a time-consuming task, especially if you have a busy schedule or a big family. Ally can do the curation and meal prep for you, while ensuring we stay on point with your needs.

  • Grocery shopping
  • Research diet plans and food options
  • Creating grocery lists
  • Restock and Stock shelves and missing items
  • Attention to food allergies and restrictions
  • No Cook meal prep lunches, dinners, etc for the week
  • Restock toiletries, beverages, and animal products
  • Pickup scheduled food orders or specialty items
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Sometimes, you just need an assistant for a high-functioning event or simple business related task. From supplies to the office, courier services, or events such as birthday, anniversary, wedding, baby shower, bachelor party, reunions, etc. Ally can take care of all your business or party necessities. We’ll coordinate with event planners to catering services for arranagements and pickup.

  • Shopping, research, and pickup for business or office supplies
  • Assist with mail and courier services
  • Time sensitive deliveries or pickup
  • Curate and pickup employee gifts
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Whether you’re planning a family getaway, or need assistance managing a rental such as Airbnb, VRBO, or vacation listing, count on Ally for any personal task, errand, or preparation.

  • Planning, booking, airline and hotel accommodations
  • Shopping, research, and pickup for housing supplies or grocery
  • Arrangement or Assembly of furniture
  • Linens and laundry
  • Itinerary management
  • Guest room prep
  • Garden and floral maintenance and management
  • Arrange catering services, private chef or beverage service
  • Travel nanny - transportation support for kids or pets
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Rest assured that those in need will not go unattended due to your busy schedule. Knowing that your parent’s needs are being met, can reduce the stress related to caring for them. Ally will be there to help alleviate this stress.

  • Running everyday errands such as grocery, mail, laundry
  • Routine home or storage organization
  • Coordinate and supervise maintenance and repair services
  • Pay bills, coordinate activities, set appointments/reminders
  • Rx refills/pickup
  • Wellness check-in visits
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Our lifestyle accommodations can truly serve a wide range of touch points such as: Gift procurement and delivery, home and closet tidying, grocery shopping and no-cook meal prepping, planning and prepping for vacation and travel, or prepping a short-term rental property for guests. 

Additionally, we liaison between general contractors, complete general car maintenance, assemble furniture, pay bills, pick up Rx’s and medical supplies and anything that eats up your time.

WHOA, we don’t do that! Please inquire about our referral partners for housecleaning, childcare, licensed medical caregiving, large functional organization projects, and transportation services.

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"Our time together getting the house organized and your many, many errands - not to mention your can do spirit and 'figuring shit out' excellence - has pulled our lives together enough that I have the confidence to truly live in the midst of this season when life presses in on all sides. I'm deeply grateful, Rachel. You are a gift!"
Lake Oswego, OR - Resident
Review date: 05/25/2023 - Ally Concierge Client since 8/5/2022

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